As bacterias que vivem no pe

De acordo com James Reynolds da Universidade de Loughborough  Ha muitas bacterias que vivem no pe, mas cinco grupos se destacam:






Staphylococci. – a mais comum

Essas bacterias se identificam com um quimico potente chamado:Acido Isovalerico

Alguns queijos contem uma mistura destes quimicos volateis. por exemplo, o queijo Limburguer

Em Ingles: (fonte: BBC):

Titulo do artigo: the-disgusting-secrets-of-smelly-feet – 31 Julho de 2015

“…There are so many bacteria living on our feet that microbiologists have had a hard time finding exactly which species cause the stench, and where they live on the foot. Showing remarkably little vanity, James Reynolds at Loughborough University and colleagues recently attempted to answer this question by mapping out the populations on their own feet.

Five groups stood out: Corynebacteria, Micrococci,Propionibacteria, Betaproteobacteria and Brevibacteria – but the biggest offender appeared to be Staphylococci. Tellingly, it always seemed to coincide with a particularly potent chemical, called isovaleric acid. “If you imagine a well-aged stilton – that’s the smell you get if you open a bottle of the stuff,” Reynolds says. “If you spill a drop in the lab you’ll smell it all afternoon – it’s horrible.” What’s more, they were most common on the sole, rather than the top – with particular high numbers around the ball of the foot – perhaps explaining why these are the smelliest areas. The comparison to cheese is appropriate. Many cheeses contain a similar mix of volatile chemicals, with Limburger cheese apparently offering the closest comparison…”


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