o que os pesquisadores estao desenvolvendo para o futuro?

CNN grandes ideas e uma seria do CNN; Ha varios videos descrevendo inovacoes do MIT, e outros centros de pesquisa no mundo, vale a pena conferir:




Invention seals gunshot wound in seconds – Using injectable, fast absorbing sponges, the xStat can seal wounds in 15 seconds or less, potentially saving lives.

Could these robots build a base on Mars? – Researchers at the Wyss Institute are developing a new breed of robot that learns from its surroundings.


Remote sex: There’s an app for that – Ben Moir, of Stepo, talks about Durex’s new experiment in remote sex: Fundawear. – it is a way of touching your partner without being near to him/her

Is this NASA’s next big thing? Meet Morpheus, NASA’s unmanned planetary lander and flying test lab that could revolutionize the future of space travel.

Flying windmills: The future of energy? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a huge inflatable wind turbine! Bringing energy, and maybe internet, to remote towns


A bug spray that could save your life? – Researchers at Vanderbilt University have developed a repellent for all insects that could reduce malaria worldwide.- anopheles gambiae – a mosquito that transmits the malaria parasite


Students invent ‘toilet of the future’ – A group of bright minds at Caltech invented the ‘toilet of the future’ that could save lives.


Think 3-D printing is cool? Try 4-D – TED Senior Fellow Skylar Tibbits on his new technology that could revolutionize 3-D printing.


Hands-free keyboard uses lasers – See how lasers are being used to allow people with disabilities to communicate in ways they never thought were possible.


Need a keyboard? Try a banana – Jay Silver, inventor of MaKey MaKey, shows how to use anything to interact with computers and why that is valuable.

“You can’t get more useful than feeling alive”


The minds behind the Brain Activity Map – Ten years after the Human Genome Project was completed, researchers are turning their focus to mapping the human brain


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