Duas dicas que ajudam a perder peso

1. Coma algumas nozes (qualquer tipo, por exemplo: Castanha do Para, amendoim, macadamia, amendoa, etc) cerca de 20 minutos antes do de cada uma de suas refeicoes. – Preferivelmente cruas (isto ajuda a reduzir a oxidacao das gorduras poliinsaturadas.). Porem qualquer tipo te ajudara. Os 20 minutes sao suficientes para o corpo enviar ao cerebro a informacao que recebeu alimentacao e por consequencia reuzira o apetite.
Nota: Faca um teste para saber se voce nao e alergico ao amendoim ou outras nozes ou castanhas. (Ha pessoas que podem ate morrer se digerirem amendoims crus, sem saber que sao alergicos, devido a possibilidade de ataque anafilatico)

2. Sinta o aroma do hortela e do extrato de baunilha a cada duas horas; Estudos indicam que voce perdera ate 2700 calories semanais!

veja a integra em Ingles:

2 New food tricks to reduce cravings and control calories
I have a couple new “food tricks” today to help you control calories, cravings, and appetite…

#1. About 20 minutes before every meal, eat one handful of nuts such as almonds, pecans, walnuts, etc…preferrably raw nuts (as this reduces the oxidation of polyunsaturated fats), but any nuts will still do the trick.

This is a trick I’ve used myself and I’ve used with many of my clients in the past that ALWAYS helps people to control their appetite and get lean FAST!

The reason it works is because the healthy fats, fiber, protein, and density of micronutrients (antioxidants, vitamins, minerals) in nuts help to satisfy a lot of the nutrition needs of your body, thereby greatly reducing your appetite before eating full meals.

We add the handful of nuts about 20 minutes before each meal because this allows enough time for your body to signal to the brain that it received this nutrition and thereby reduce your appetite.

Also, this basically substitutes a healthy super nutrient-dense source of calories into your diet multiple times per day, and increasing your % of your calorie intake from nuts as opposed to other types of foods aids your body in decreasing body fat.

#2. The 2nd “food trick” comes from my good friend and nutrition author Jon Benson of http://favoritefoodsdiet.com/

This is a trick I didn’t know about until recently, and it involves food scent.

Smelling food can trick your brain into thinking you’ve eaten.

A recent study found that those who inhaled peppermint in scent form every 2 hours ate (get this) 2700 calories LESS per week than they normally did.

Let me put that in perspective: That’s a fatloss of more than half a pound a week… from sniffing peppermint!

Vanilla also works. You can keep vanilla-scented drops or even candles around the office and take a wiff every few hours.

How easy is that?

Thanks to Jon for finding that pretty cool study! You can check out Jon’s site at: http://favoritefoodsdiet.com/

fonte: http://truthaboutabs.blogspot.com/2010/07/i-have-couple-new-food-tricks-today-to.html


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