Clones do site Groupon nos EUA

Groupon e um fenomeno de site.
E uma das poucas empresas a chegar a bilhao de dolares em vendas em tao pouco tempo (lancada em Outubro de 2008 ja esta proxima de atingir tal marca.
Para aqueles que nunca ouviram falar, Groupon e um site que oferece descontos de 50 a 90% em varios produtos e servicos disponiveis por empresas numa determinada area metropolitana.

O modelo empresarial e simples: Groupon geralmente divide o valor cobrado do cliente com a empresa oferecendo o servico ou produto.
Exemplo: Um empresa de prestacao de servicos de beleza oferece atraves do Groupon uma hora massagem por 40 dolares (50% de desconto do preco normal de 80 dolares). Se um determinado numero minimo de pessoas comprarem a promocao, a mesma sera efetuada e Groupon ficara com 20 dolares e a empresa que prestara o servico ficara com 20 dolares.

A empresa logo sera publica, ja que um IPO (Initial Public Offer) esta a caminho.

Seu principal competidor nos EUA se chama ( esta apostando nesta marca, investindo cerca de 175 milhoes de dolares)
Dizem as mas linguas que Living Social esta para Groupon assim como Pepsi esta para Coca-Cola
Google tentou comprar Groupon em Janeiro de 2011 pela bagatela de 6 bilhoes de dolares (pra se ter uma ideia Google comprou youtube por 1.65 bilhao de dolares em Novembro de 2006). Groupon rejeitou a oferta e agora Google esta lancando um clone chamado Google Offers (, disponivel em algumas area metropolitanas Americanas.

o blog fez um otimo trabalho e listou os principais sites que competem com o Groupon
Veja o texto (em Ingles) abaixo:

Sites Like Groupon: List of the Top Groupon Like Websites

Since Groupon launched in November 2008 and soon thereafter started minting money at unprecedented rates, literally hundreds of Groupon like sites have been created to copy their very successful formula.

How many exactly? Well nobody knows because there are new sites popping up every day. Below we have put together a list of all the top sites like Groupon and a list of some others that have deals in multiple cities. There are also lots of successful sites that only operate in one city.

At Daily Dibs we attempt to bring all the BEST daily deal sites like Groupon in each city together in one place. If you want to see all the best sites in your city just go to and pick your city. If you want them all delivered in a single email, just subscribe.
Top Sites Like Groupon:

Here is our list of the top sites like Groupon (Click the name of the site to see a listing of all their active deals – click the website link to go directly to their site):

LivingSocial (website) – These guys are going toe to toe with Groupon in over 100 markets nationwide. LivingSocial is to Groupon as Pepsi is to Coke.

Tippr (website)- Currently running daily deals in 13 cities and growing. They are based in Seattle and are venture backed.

BuyWithMe (website)- BuyWithMe is currently in 11 cities and continuing to expand. They are based in New York City and are venture backed.

Eversave (website)- Currently running daily deals in 12 cities and growing. They are based in Boston with their biggest audience in Boston and Philly.

KGB Deals (website)- KGB deals is in 12 cities and is continuing to expand.

Mamapedia Sweet Deals – An extension of the existing Mamapedia website. Deals are focused on the parent audience.

DealOn (website) – DealOn is live in 17 cites.

DailyDealster (website)- Live in over 4o cities, DailyDealster is partnered with Adility for most of their deals. Adility supplies to several other similar deal site not listed here.

TravelZoo Local Deals (website)- The popular discount travel website has run local deals in over 20 cities nationwide. They do a great job of getting deals at desirable destinations like upscale restaurants and spas.

CBS Local (no central website)- Part of the CBS interactive family, CBS Local is now running deals in over 15 cities. Each of the sites is partnered with traditional local CBS media properties like radio and television.

We think that these are the local daily deal sites with the greatest footprint and influence in the local markets. As you can see, LivingSocial and Groupon are by far the biggest sites – nobody else is really even close.
More Sites Like Groupon:

In addition to the top sites listed above, there are several others worth mentioning that have deals in multiple cities:

OpenTable (website)- They run one restaurant deal a week in approximately 10 cities.

ScoutMob (website)- Known for their mobile app. Based in Atlanta, but also in New York and San Francisco.

Gilt City (website)- Part of the Gilt brand. Focus on discounts to upscale establishments

Plum District (website)

BoomSteet (website) – Currently in 3 cites

Half Off Depot (website) – In 5+ cities

Dealswarm (website) – A Cox Media Group Company – in 3 cities

ValPak Deals (website) – Part of the Valpak company

DealPop (website) – Associated with

Seize the Deal (website) – In 20+ cities – most of which are small cities

AOL – – Have been live for several months now, but are only offering deals in 3 cities.

Yollar (website)- A Belo Company brand that is partnered with Belo traditional local media properties.

It should also be noted that in virtually every city the local newspaper is now also part of the daily deal economy.

Again, to see all the top providers in any city, just go to Daily Dibs and pick the city you want to see.

We know there are lots more sites like Groupon that could be added to this list. Hopefully we have gotten all the best ones and a few more you may not have known about.



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