Os EUA devem ao Brasil 187 bilhoes de dolares ou cerca de 1.3% de toda divida Americana

Brasil está entre credores da dívida dos EUA com US$ 187 bi

Brasil, China, Japão, Reino Unido e os países exportadores de petróleo estão entre os maiores credores estrangeiros que detêm 32% da dívida pública dos Estados Unidos. Segundo os números do Departamento do Tesouro, a dívida pendente dos EUA somava, no último dia 30 de junho, US$ 14,3 trilhões, dos quais US$ 4,6 trilhões eram “pastas intergovernamentais” e US$ 9,7 trilhões eram dívidas nas mãos de pessoas.

Os EUA devem somente ao Brasil a quantia de US$ 187 bilhões. O maior credor do país é a China, com US$ 1,1 trilhão, seguida pelo Japão com US$ 882,3 bilhões, o Reino Unido com US$ 272,1 bilhões e os exportadores de petróleo com US$ 211,9 bilhões.

Outros grandes detentores de bônus e títulos da dívida americana são os bancos radicados no Caribe, que acumulam títulos no valor de US$ 169 bilhões, Taiwan com US$ 155 bilhões, Rússia com US$ 151 bilhões, Hong Kong com US$ 135 bilhões e Suíça com US$ 107 bilhões.

Noticia gerada pela agencia de noticias EFE, grupo espanhol

leia mais sobre a EFE aqui:

A multimedia news company with a network of journalists worldwide, more than 3,000 professionals of 60 nationalities working 24 hours a day in over 181 cities in 120 countries, and four publishing houses in Madrid, Miami, El Cairo and Rio de Janeiro, offering products to customers across the five continents.

EFE distributes 3 million pieces of news every year in various news formats: text, photographs, audio, video and multimedia, reaching more than 2,000 news media in the world every day.

From its world network of bureaus and correspondents’ offices, EFE instantaneously offers the Spanish and Latin American view of the world in Spanish, Portuguese, English, Arabic, Catalan and Galician.

In Spain, there are bureaus in the capitals of the 17 autonomous communities, as well as in Ceuta and Melilla (the Spanish cities in North Africa), and small bureaus or correspondents’ offices in the other Spanish cities

There are more people reading the news from EFE than any national daily newspaper.

EFE is responsible for more than forty percent of international news published in Latin America.

In America, EFE has 884 customers.

The Agency’s photographical library stores 13 million documents in the form of glass plates, negatives and slides.

With 2.5 million on-line photos dating from the end of the 19th century today, EFE’s FOTOTECA is the gateway to the largest photographical library in the Spanish-speaking world. The database is updated daily with more than a thousand photos.

EFE’s news archive (Efedata) is the largest database of news articles, biographies and documents in Spanish, and also contains articles in Portuguese, Arabic, English and Catalan. An intelligent historical archive with more than 11 million files, soon there will be a version for America and another for Business (Efedata América and Efedata empresas).

EFE’s video library contains 15,000 video tapes that store images and programs dating back to 1989.

Since February 2005, EFE and BBVA (a Spanish banking group) are sponsoring the Foundation for Urgent Spanish (Fundéu), an institution that encourages the correct use of Spanish in the media.

EFE takes strong strides into the future facing the digital present and prepared for the future’s technological challenges.

It has already launched new products on the market, specially designed to deal with the news of today and tomorrow:

World Digital Agenda
An exclusive EFE product , it is a database containing up-to-the-minute information about future events that are going to take place in small towns, capital cities or on an entire continent, with a double objective: to provide informative and leisure news.

EFE Channel
An authentic multimedia news channel that includes photos, articles and video, divided into subject areas with advertising space, which can be managed by the client if so desired, ready to be broadcast via ADSL to any type of TV screen.

EFE Collections
The new technologies used by EFE, with new systems for catalogues, documentation, processing, image processing and selection, enable us to create on-line collections for our customers.

Collections targeted at the publishing market or exclusively for exhibit use, through which EFE offers a complete service that covers the whole process: from collaborating with the client to select the photographs to be used the design of the space to catalogue editing and publication.

Press releases
Thousand of managers, editors, editorial managers, service managers and media writers, who are EFE subscribers in around the world, receive our customers’ press releases.

Press releases with text or photos, written and managed by the customer, or in video format, produced integrally by EFE in collaboration with the customer and distributed to EFE subscribers over its distribution channels.

Since March 2006 EFE has a new logo to go with the company’s motto for the future That’s it (in Spanish Eso es).


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