Economize 50% do preço de um creme para pele com protecao solar SPF 15

A estrategia e simples:
Ao inves de comprar protetor solar na secao de protetores solares na farmacia, va ate a secao de locao para o corpo com spf 15 e geralmente 50 por cento mais barato

Ja que o tema e sunscreen vai tambem essa:

A revista Consumer Reports analisou algumas marcas de sunscreen e encontrou os 3 melhores:
No Ad sunblock lotion SPF 50
Equate Sunscreen (baby sunscreen)
up and up (target)

Aqui a estrategia de comprar locao para o corpo com spf ao inves de ir na secao de protetor solar

Em ingles:

Sunscreen Savings Strategy:

Instead of shopping in the sunscreen section, go to the regular body lotion section.
Look for one with sunscreen included.

o artigo completo:

Sunscreen Savings: How to Spend 50 Percent Less without Even Trying

Sunscreen is not just a priority in most homes, it’s a household staple. Staying protected while running errands, keeping the kids covered during sporting and leisure events, and general day to day use make this product a standard budget line item that adds up to big bucks fast. A close friend recently let me in on a little secret. She consistently spends at least fifty percent less on broad-spectrum sunscreen protection than most people she knows. She doesn’t clip coupons, and she doesn’t even sale shop for it. I put her secret to use this past week with absolutely no extra effort, and you can too. Ready to learn how it’s done?

First of all, let me say I wish I had known this years ago. It makes me shudder to think of all the unnecessary money I’ve spent on sunscreen when I could have been equally protected for less. However, I know it now and I’m passing it on to you.

Sunscreen Savings Strategy:

Instead of shopping in the sunscreen section, go to the regular body lotion section.
Look for one with sunscreen included.

That’s literally all there is to it. The brand my friend turned me onto was Lubriderm. They make a general moisturizing lotion with an SPF of 15 that is available on Amazon (affiliate link). The price I paid at the nearest Super Target was roughly eight bucks for 16 ounces, versus the same price for 8 ounces of several brands in the sunscreen section.
Bonus Tips:

Use your mad spy skills on your newspaper’s weekly circular ads. Summer’s coming, and there will likely be sales.
If a coupon falls into your lap, use one. This is exactly what happened to me last week, and I saved an extra two bucks.
Use a non SPF bargain lotion at night to stretch your sunscreen savings even further.

SPF 15 is the highest sunscreen protection level I know of in the regular body lotion section. Those needing a higher SPF for special situations or cancer recovery may want to check out the generic product lines of various drug stores, as I recommended in a previous affordable toiletries article. (Hint: Walgreens makes an SPF 70 which rated well in the cosmetics safety database.)


May 25, 2010 — A major consumers’ group has rated the sunscreens it says work best at blocking harmful ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B radiation that cause sunburns, wrinkles, and certain skin cancers.

Consumer Reports Health tested 12 products and found four it says protect a touch better than the others.

The top four are:

Up & Up Sport Continuous SPF 30, by Target. It is administered by spray and costs $0.88 per ounce.
Walgreens Sport Continuous SPF 50. Also a spray. Cost, $1.33 per ounce.
Banana Boat Sport Performance Continuous SPF 30. Spray. Cost, $1.60 per ounce.
Aveeno Continuous Protection SPF 50. Spray. Cost, $2 an ounce.

The products were tested in an outside laboratory, which checked product claims of how well their sun protection factor, or SPF, lasted on volunteers who soaked in water for 80 minutes. SPF rates the level of UVB protection.

The FDA has proposed a UVA star rating system for sunscreen labels of one to four stars to indicate the level of UVA protection. Currently there is no protection factor for UVA radiation on any labels.

The top four sunscreens provided “very good” UVA protection and “excellent” UVB protection, and met their SPF claims even after treated skin was in water for 80 minutes.

Each of the sunscreens had a moderately intense floral or citrus scent and left little residue on the skin.

Up & Up also received a “best buy” ranking from Consumer Reports Health. All four of the top brands cost a lot less than La Roche-Posay, which costs $18.82 per ounce.

Ranking below the top four were:

Coppertone Water Babies, with an SPF of 50 and a cost per ounce of $1.38. It is a lotion.
Coppertone UltraGuard Continuous rated a 70+ in SPF, costing $1.62 per ounce. Spray.
No-Ad with Aloe and Vitamin rated 45 on the SPF scale, costing $0.59 per ounce. Lotion.
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist with Helioplex had a 45 SPF, costing $1.90 per ounce. Spray.
Badger scored a PDF of 30, costing $4.83 per ounce. Lotion.
La Roche-Posay Anthelios 40 with Mexoryl SX, scored a 40 SPF, costing $18.82 per ounce. Cream.
Avon Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Plus IR3535 Expedition scores a SPF of 30, costing $3.50 per ounce. Pump spray.
Burt’s Bees Chemical-Free with Hemp Seed Oil got a 30 SPF, costing $4 per ounce. Lotion.

Consumer Reports Health says the active ingredient in Burt’s Bees, titanium dioxide, does not absorb the entire UVA spectrum as effectively as alternatives like avobenzone.

Avon, Consumer Reports Health says, makes no claim about protection from UVA rays, but the product doubles as a bug repellent.
Tips for Avoiding Sunburn

The report says sunbathers should buy sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, which it says is enough for most people, and that sunscreens also should be water resistant.


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