Dica – comprar Acoes do tipo B – Permite voce comprar acoes diretamente de empresas sem pagar taxa para agentes finacneiros

Buy Dividend Stocks
Without Paying a Broker Fee
With Type B Dividend Shares

Your online brokerage has been hiding a powerful secret from you — a way to buy as many or as few shares as you want of over 1,000 publicly traded dividend paying companies WITHOUT paying any transaction fees.

“This dead-simple secret lets ANYONE buy more shares of their favorite dividend stocks for less money. And whether you hold the shares for two months or 20 years, it’s a foolproof way to get started investing in dividend stocks with as little as $25.”

Fellow Investor,

Even the most successful investors can see their gains shrink to nothing because of transaction costs. This is especially true if you’re just starting out, when you don’t have a huge amount of capital to invest.

But there’s a little-known loophole that lets any investor buy ordinary dividend stocks without paying any brokerage fees – or any fees at all. I’m talking about regular dividend-paying companies like Exxon-Mobil (NYSE: XOM).
Even with a discount brokerage account, it might cost you $9 to buy Exxon’s shares, and then another $9 to sell.

With Exxon’s 2.5% dividend, you’d have to buy over $720 worth of stock just to break even against the fees — and you’d end up paying your broker 100% of the dividend.

That makes it tough to get ahead.

But with Type B Dividend Shares, you pay no upfront fee. There are no transaction costs at all, in fact. And you don’t even have to go through a broker.

And you can get started with a very small amount money — sometimes as little as a $25 minimum investment. Some Type B share programs require you to buy a minimum of $250 worth of stock to get started — but you can get started with most of them for less than $100. And all of it is transaction-fee free.

Once you’re set up, you can buy as few or as many shares of stock as you want, when you want — even partial shares.

It’s not a one-shot deal either: you can continue to nickel-and-dime your way into the dividend stocks of your choice without racking up ANY transaction fees.

If it sounds too good to be true, I can’t say I’m surprised. Most investors are simply not aware of this dividend investing loophole.

there are currently over 1,000 companies that offer Type B shares — and more and more publicly traded companies are offering Type B shares every day.

In fact, in just the last half of 2010 alone, at least a dozen more companies started to offer Type B shares for the first time…

So while these opportunities are relatively unknown by most investors, they’re not rare.

And they’re not difficult to get started with either…
First of all, you need to understand that Type B Shares are exactly like regular shares of stock. You can sell them at any time — either back to the company you bought them from or through any broker.

They don’t cost any more than regular shares (they usually cost less). And you won’t have to fill out any lengthy paperwork or sign up to buy any more shares than you want.

In fact, you can buy just one share if you want. And yes—there is some paperwork, but it’s very straightforward, and no more complicated than opening any brokerage account.

According to the investment blog OwnTheDollar.com, “Most [Type B Share] plans are very easy to enroll in and most of the paperwork can normally be filled out under a minute….”

You might be wondering why a company would want to offer these types of shares?

In short, companies started offering these shares back in 1968, as a way to sell shares to regular investors. You see, back then, it was much, much more expensive to buy and sell shares of stock.

A typical transaction fee for 100 shares or less could be at least as high as $20 — which I don’t have to remind you was a lot more money back then than it is today.

So companies started offering Type B shares in order to tap into the HUGE market of regular people who wanted to own stock, but couldn’t really afford the transaction costs.

You might call it the birth of the Main Street investor.

Type B shares let Main Street investors buy shares cheaply while at the same time giving publicly traded companies easier access to more funding.

It was win-win…

Except for the brokers of course.

That’s part of the reason you probably haven’t heard too much about Type B shares — if you’ve heard anything.

Brokers and brokerage firms hate these types of shares.

Why? Because they’re the middle man, and they’re getting cut out of the whole process when you buy shares direct from companies.

Brokers and brokerage firms don’t make a dime when you deal directly with the companies. You get to keep all of the profits. They get none of them.

What are Type B Dividend Shares really all about?

There’s one catch to being a Type B Dividend Share investor.

Don’t worry — it’s nothing that will cost you any additional money.

In fact, I believe this “catch” could make you more money than any other single investment you’ve ever bought.

The one rule of being a Type B Dividend Share investor is…

You have to agree to reinvest any dividends the company pays you.

Being a Type B Dividend investor works so well because you’re tapping into what Albert Einstein calls “the 8th Wonder of the World….

He was referring to compound interest — a fancy expression that describes what happens to your money when the interest starts to earn interest.

It’s a compounded effect. And it’s the only way to turn a small amount of money and a little bit of patience into a fortune.

It’s the surest way. The safest way.

But you need to be careful.

Because some Type B Dividend plans do sneak in some fees.

These fees are typically less than what you pay a broker — but that’s not the point.

The whole idea of maximizing your wealth over time with Type B Dividend Shares is to cut out any unnecessary expenses.

Estas informacoes foram tiradas do texto escrito por Ian Wyatt, fundador do site :
High Yield Wealth.com
Retirei a parte de propaganda, mas as informacoes descritas aqui sao interessantes, basta voce descobrir quais empresas permitem voce comprar acoes tipo B; com a Internet isto nao sera dificil, basta procurar nos sites de pesquisa
Boa sorte.


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