Nomes mais populares nos Estados Unidos em 2010


Dying to know what everyone else is naming their baby? The Social Security Administration just released its list of the most popular baby names for 2010, and it’s a lot like last year’s list — with Jacob and Isabella leading the pack. And just two new names made the top 10: Aiden and Anthony for boys. (The girls’ top 10 is exactly the same as 2009, just in a different order.) Here’s the list:


1) Jacob

2) Ethan

3) Michael

4) Jayden

5) William

6) Alexander

7) Noah

8) Daniel

9) Aiden

10) Anthony


1) Isabella

2) Sophia

3) Emma

4) Olivia

5) Ava

6) Emily

7) Abigail

8) Madison

9) Chloe

10) Mia

Okay, so we’re not totally surprised by this list. Want to know what other names are getting trendy? Well, luckily, those peeps over at the SSA also track popularity changes. They found that Bentley, Kellan and Knox had the biggest jumps in rank for boys, and Maci, Giuliana and Tiana are becoming more common for girls.


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