5 items used por buffett

Warren Buffett’s Checklist Item #1:
When You Buy Stock, You are Buying into a Business

Warren Buffett’s Checklist Item #2:
Price is What You Pay…Value is What You Get

Warren Buffett’s Checklist Item #3:
Cigar Butts or Aircraft Carriers: Why You Should Look for Strong
Companies with a Long History of Success

Warren Buffett’s Checklist Item #4:
Do Not Allow Yourself to be Influenced by “Mr. Market”

Warren Buffett’s Checklist Item #5:
What to Look for in a Management Team

“The key to investing is not
assessing how much an
industry is going to affect
society or how much it
will grow, but rather determining
the competitive
advantage of any given
company and, above all,
the durability of that advantage.
The products or
services that have wide,
sustainable moats around
them are the ones that deliver
rewards to investors.”
—Warren Buffett

“It’s a terrible mistake to look at what’s going on in the economy today and then decide whether to buy or sell stocks based on it. You should decide whether to buy or sell stocks based on how much you’re getting for your money, the long-term value you’re getting for your money at any given time. And next week doesn’t make any difference because next week, next week is going to be a week further away.”

“The important thing is to have the right long-term outlook, evaluate the businesses you are buying. And then a terrible market or a terrible economy is your friend. I don’t care, in making a purchase of the Burlington Northern, I don’t care whether next week, or next month or even next year there is a big revival in car loadings or any of that sort of thing.


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