O que e um CAN OBDII quer dizer? (On Board Diagnostics system version 2)

fonte: http://www.samarins.com/diagnose/checkengine.html#scantool

Having an appropriate scan tool or software and some technical knowledge, it’s not so difficult to pull a stored trouble code(s)
It was quite difficult before, since each car manufacturer had different code assignment and different diagnostic connectors and protocols. Luckily, In 1996 in the United States, a Federal Law came into force requiring all US-sold cars to be OBDII (the On Board Diagnostics system version 2) compliant. This means that all cars from 1996 on must be able to be diagnosed with generic OBDII scanner. The diagnostic connector (the picture) is identical on all OBD II cars as well as its location – somewhere around the driver’s place. Usually, on the left side under the dashboard. There is a number of scan tools and software available that can scan the vehicle’s computer for trouble codes. However, you need to have some technical knowledge to diagnose the problem; the trouble code itself does not tell exactly which part to replace. For example, the code P0401 reads “insufficient EGR system flow”, but it could be set for a number of reasons, such as bad EGR valve, clogged EGR passage or, for example, a faulty DPFE sensor (Ford F-150 common problem) – there is a specific test procedure to be performed to pinpoint the problem part. Where to find specific test procedure and where to buy a scanner – read below.


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