clothespin = prendedor de roupa

Ha uma estatua de um prendedor de roupa em Philadelphia

Ask for directions in Philadelphia and you’re likely to hear: “Turn left at the clothespin.” Claes Oldenburg’s Clothespin, a rusty 45-foot steel sculpture hovers over Centre Square Plaza at 15th and Market, stands in stark contrast to the ornate City Hall across the street. Part of the Manhattan-based. The Clothespin was Oldenburg’s first permanent monument in the Unites States. Built in 1976 from 10 tons of stainless steel and Cor-ten, the sculpture is actually two separate structures held together by a tension spring, much like a real clothespin. This imposing ode to laundry at the center of Philadelphia’s business district was used to full ironic effect in the film “Trading Places.” Cathleen McCarth



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