Charles Wolock received a 36 ACT score and a 2400 SAT score. Perfect ACT scores and SAT scores

ACT Score of 36 for Charles Wolock is Unusual
When it comes to ACT sores and SAT scores, most students won’t match the achievement of Charles Wolock, of Blue Valley North high school in Kansas . Wolock received a 36 ACT score and a 2400 SAT score. Perfect ACT scores and SAT scores: not many can boast that level of accomplishment. Yet will it make any difference in the long run? Certainly it will open college admission doors for Charles Wolock but again, will it make a difference in the long run of making a living and making a positive impact on his world? When it comes time for Wolock and his classmates to make something of their lives – or just find a job – will ACT scores really matter? Not really.

ACT and SAT scores are no barometer of future success. The insular environment of the academic world doesn’t prepare inmates for real life competition. It does prepare them for mindless submission to the corporate Man (and State), but when it comes to critical, independent thinking, graduates of the American institutional system are woefully unprepared.

The system rewards submission and the ability to follow rules rather than the aggressive “outside the box” risky thinking required for entrepreneurial success. Granted, not everyone is equipped to make it in the world of enterprise but those who have the native ability to break free of the crowd and create are not encouraged to do so in the current system. And that’s the problem. We need creative people to keep our nations economic wheels turning. The entrepreneurial spirit dares to grab hold of creation, tear it apart, reorient it and improve it. These independent souls are the ones who start businesses; they are the ones who employ people who have perfect ACT and SAT scores.

The first step toward releasing the American entrepreneurial spirit must be the elimination of the education monopoly. Those who want to remain in the system may certainly do so. However, those who are inclined to think on a different plane should be given the opportunity. The God given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness demand


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