cloud computing providers

Cloud Computing Providers:
– Amazon EC2
– GoGrid
– Cirrhus9
– Layertech
– Rightscale
– Rackspace

Cloud Computing Products/Platforms:
– 3Tera AppLogic
– Eucalyptus
– Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud
– VMware vCloud

Make sure you are sufficiently informed about the various types of cloud computing as well as the positives and negatives of this technology structure. Here are a few links worth reading:

Cloud Computing Explained
Cloud Computing Trends (3 part series)
Gartner Study,0
Data Security Proof

If you’re trying to build an enterprise/provider-class cloud, you should be looking at OpSource ( If you’re looking to minimize or avoid building and/or managing a complex infrastructure for IT service management, you should look at ( If you’re looking to deploy cloud-based applications relatively quickly, you should look at, its platform and its broad ecosystem of partners and application and service providers ( And if you’re looking for pre-configured, pre-integrated cloud/virtualization building blocks, you should look at the Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) Coalition, a subject of a discussion at Focus — “Can Vendors Make Virtualization Easier for Your Business?” at Clearly, a wealth (if not an overabundance) of choices, which make assessing and prioritizing your business needs a critical first step towards making the best possible decision. Good luck, Steve — and do let the Focus community know how you fare in your efforts!

Call Amazon, Google and 3rd provider of cloud computing


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