Uma das causas de morte das abelhas: fungus combinado com um virus (em conjunto)


“Over the past few years, there’s been some panic over a dramatic decrease in the world’s honeybee population, an occurrence that has left many experts scratching their heads. Now it appears as though part of the bee die-off mystery has been solved.

As reported by Kirk Johnson of the New York Times, a somewhat odd pairing of entomologists and military scientists has pinpointed likely culprits: a fungus and a virus, both of which flourish in cool, wet environments. While scientists aren’t certain, they believe the fungus and virus work together to hamper the insect’s digestive system. Each is relatively harmless on its own, Johnson says, but their combination is deadly.
… Informed speculation previously blamed a host of factors for the die-off, such as pesticides and the cell-phone-driven increase of radiation in the atmosphere.

Though the identification of a cause is encouraging, scientists still find reason for concern”


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