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“One of my favorite campsite meals recently has been lemon grilled shrimp. I know there are a few recipes floating around online, but this is what I have used to good success.

Ingredients & Tools
1 lb shrimp
1.5 sticks butter
1/2 bottle of olive oil (Mazola pure or similar)
Rosemary to taste (a few leaves)
Oregano to taste (a few leaves)
Basil to taste (a few leaves)
Garlic salt (at least a teaspoon)
2 lemons
Charcoal grill, wood fire grill, etc.
Peel Shrimp
Melt butter over heat
Mix butter in a medium dish with oil, rosemary, oregano, basil, and
garlic salt.
Squeeze juice from lemons and mix in with ingredients from step 3.
Marinade shrimp in lemon/oil/butter/herb mix for 20+ minutes (refrigerate if possible)
Place shrimp on skewer sticks
Grill until shrimp are pink and firm on both sides. You wish to add more marinade as you grill them. It may be better to grease the grill if you prefer.”


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