Quotes on persistence

Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790)

“We are made to persist. That’s how we find out who we are.”

Tobias Wolff, ‘In Pharaoh’s Army’

extraido do artigo: Age and your job search by Jeff Appleby, The Executive Trumpet

“One of the more typical questions we get asked looks at age and experience in the job searching process.

On the one hand we get some people mentioning that they’re over 50/55, they’re not getting interviews and they wonder if we can still help.

We also get emails from those who only have a few years of relevant experience looking to move up to the next level.

According to findings from the Recruitment Confidence Index (RCI), (produced by Cranfield School of Management), age discrimination is rife in the workplace.

A quarter of respondents to the survey were aware of a current policy or practice within their organization that could be perceived as discriminating on the basis of age.

Respondents, which included HR professionals and senior managers, admitted to having stereotypical views of older and younger workers.

Older workers were seen as having wide experience, being loyal, having better time keeping and being interested in having a work-life balance.

Younger workers were seen as open to new ideas and ambitious but inexperienced and not likely to stay in the job long.

In most organizations the elimination of age discrimination was sponsored by the HR department (61%), followed by the Board or CEO (27%). Only a fifth of responding organizations had a project or task group on age.

Dr Emma Parry, Research Fellow at Cranfield School of Management, said:

“The research shows a lack of commitment at senior management and board level to stamp out ageism in the workplace….”

The challenge with this type of research is that it is easy for some people to use it as their “story.”

It becomes an excuse for not taking action and getting you and your resume out there to make new connections.

In many cases our own expectations help to shape reality. The person who during the interview thinks “I’m too old/young, they’re not going to hire me” is probably right. As they begin to focus on themselves and not on answering the questions effectively, you can guess what happens.

Compare that to someone who has the approach of “I am valuable, I can perform well in the role, I am the solution to their hiring needs.”

In the interview they focus on listening and answering the questions effectively. They show the interviewer how they can add value to the organisation, rather than be concerned about being discriminated against.

How we use the findings of the survey is up to us. We could give in and let discrimination become our story.

Or alternatively, do we use the findings as a motivator by working 33%+ harder at landing our next role, knowing that the extra effort will enable us to blast right through the effects of any discrimination that’s out there.

The only real way to find out what really works is to test it. So for 4 weeks let’s forget about discrimination in all its forms and move forward with a different approach.

Let’s drop any other beliefs that may be limiting taking action and replace them with beliefs that empower, rather than dis-empower.

How about going for each job application and every interview with the focus on being the solution to the company’s hiring need, rather than focusing on factors that we cannot control or change.

How about believing that we can, and letting it show in the interview and in each job application.

And to those that have written in recently on this subject, remember that massive, intelligent action is the solution to so much”


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