O que quer dizer o termo jailbreak

Basicamente significa permitir que o seu I-phone possa executar programas feitos por outras companies que nao Apple e ATT
De acordo com o site urbandictionarty.com, a definicao em ingles e: to crack an iPhone so it can run 3rd party programs.

Um bom artigo sobre jailbreak foi escrito por Dan Schointuch (July 27, 2010 no site:
O artigo tem os links de como fazer o jailbreak, por exemplo, um dos links, http://www.redmondpie.com/jailbreak-iphone-3gs-3.1.3-untethered-with-spirit-9140719/
mostra como usar o software chamado spirit (voce precisa instar a ultima versao do I-Tunes, instalar o mais recente firmware upgrade do I-phone e instalar Spirit para Windows ou MAC no seu computador e em seguida conectar seu I-Phone no computador e executar o programa Spirit

Os riscos e recompensas

“First, the Risks

While it may no longer be against copyright law to jailbreak and unlock your phone, it’s still not something Apple (NasdaqGS: AAPL – News) is likely to support, will probably void your warranty, and may violate your Wireless Service Agreement. This means that you’ll have to pony up the $200 out-of-warranty repair fee Apple charges should anything ever go wrong with your phone and/or you cell service can be cancelled by AT&T. You’ll also have to redo the jailbreak/unlock every time you upgrade your iPhone’s operating system, the software you install after jailbreaking may drain your battery faster than you’re used to, you may be more susceptible to viruses, and there’s a slight possibility that you’ll “brick” your phone in the process (breaking the software on your phone to a point where it can not be recovered, essentially leaving you with an expensive brick).”

Now, the Rewards

If you’re still interested, there’s a lot to be gained by jailbreaking and unlocking your phone. Namely: freedom. Want to use your iPhone as a wireless hot-spot to connect to the web from anywhere? You need to jailbreak. Want to change app icons on your home screen? Jailbreak. Want to hide the “Notes” app that you never use? Unlock your phone for a different cell provider? Sync wirelessly with your computer? All these things, and more, can be done once you’ve jailbroken your phone.”

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