Espelhos Concavo e convexo

Espelho concavo tem a curva para dentro, como uma bacia ou uma vasilha de sopa; O espelho convexo tem a curva para fora como o topo de uma montanha
From the home to the car to the dentist’s chair, mirrors are used in most aspects of everyday life. But not all mirrors are the same. Some are convex, and some are concave.
A mirror with a curved reflective surface receives one of two classifications: convex (meaning it has an outward bend) or concave (meaning it has an inward bend). A convex mirror reflects light away from the viewing object. As a result of its spherical shape and how light is reflected, objects that are viewed in the mirror appear smaller, providing a wider field of view. A concave mirror reflects light inward and toward the viewing object, making such images easier to view close
by Charlie Rainer Gaston


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